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Tuberous or tubular breasts are stretched or asymmetrical breasts that can occur at birth or during puberty. At Plastic Surgery Associates of Novato, our skilled plastic surgeons, Drs. Francisco Canales and Heather Furnas, offer tuberous breast correction to help patients attain a more natural-looking shape. We utilize modern methods to minimize recovery and to help provide the most pleasing results possible. In addition, we offer nipple correction surgery, which can be included in your treatment plan to address inverted nipples or overly large areolas. If you'd like to achieve a symmetrical breast shape that complements your figure, call our office in Novato, CA to schedule a consultation to learn more.


Ideal Candidates

You are a good candidate for tuberous breast correction surgery if you are in good health, past childbearing, and are no longer breastfeeding. During your initial consultation, Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas will meet with you to discuss your cosmetic goals and the overall look you'd like to achieve with this procedure. We value every opportunity we get to help women attain their dream body and will take our time to build a custom treatment plan that is unique to you.


Surgical Technique

Tuberous breasts generally have a narrow base and breast tissue that may appear abnormal. In addition, the areola and/or the nipple is typically misshaped or enlarged with an odd-looking projection. This correction surgery is specifically designed to improve these issues and is usually performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas will make incisions within the natural contours of the breast to hide any scarring. From there, tethering tissue is cut to release any tension, areolas are reshaped, and implants are used to attain a more natural contour.


What to Expect

On average, patients can resume their usual routine in 1 – 2 weeks. Typically, many women return to work in 1 – 3 days, but we recommend that you refrain from strenuous activity until cleared by Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas. All post-care instructions should be followed accordingly to aid in proper healing. Outcomes yield gorgeous results with round breasts, natural-looking nipples, and proportionate areolas.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does tuberous breast correction cost?
Each patient case is different, which means the cost will vary for every individual. Once Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas meet with you to understand your cosmetic goals, a custom treatment plan will be developed. From there, we can discuss all your out-of-pocket costs and how you can attain low-interest medical financing to make your procedure more affordable.

What about other procedures?
If you wish to combine another surgery with your tuberous breast correction, let Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas know during your consultation. We have many patients who decide to include a second surgery for even more dramatic results. The most popular combinations include a breast lift or breast augmentation.

How long do results last?
When a healthy diet and exercise plan is followed, the results of tuberous breast correction should last a long time. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and extreme weight gain can negatively impact your results, but a secondary procedure can be performed, if needed.

Physical restrictions?
Generally, patients can return to a normal routine within a few weeks, but vigorous activity should be avoided until you are properly healed or have been given clearance by Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas.

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Average Cost  
$5,000 - $7,000
Recovery Time  
7 Days
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Shape your Curves

Unnaturally shaped breasts, elongated nipples, and stretched areolas can be easily corrected with tuberous breast correction surgery. Call Plastic Surgery Associates of Novato in Marin County to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas. We will be happy to sit down with you to discuss your concerns and build a treatment plan that will help you attain the look you desire.

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