The 'O-Shot' and the 'G-Shot', Oh my!

The infamous G-spot (or Grafenberg Spot), responsible for intense sensation during sexual intercourse, has been a hot button debate since it was first discovered in the 1940s. While there are still a few who cast doubt on the G-spot's existence, most professionals agree that it is real, and for many women, responsible for intense pleasure. However, many women are not able to "find" their G-spot on a consistent basis; and some never locate it at all.

Today, there are two injections available from experienced plastic surgeons that promise to improve the G-spot's stimulation, as well as a woman's chance for orgasm. The "O-Shot" and the "G-Shot" are widely used to increase sensations, ultimately increasing a woman's pleasure during intercourse.

The "G-Shot" and the "O-Shot":

The "G-Shot" is a trademarked term, referring to the use of a soft tissue filler, placed directly into the G-spot. By plumping and creating fullness in this delicate area, a woman may become more aware of her G-Spot, making it easier to stimulate. The results can include a deeper vaginal sensations and orgasm. The benefits of a ""G-Shot" are temporary, however. To maintain the results, the shot will need to be readministered every three to five months.

The "O-Shot" is also a registered trademark; with the O being short for "orgasm". By injecting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the cltoris and the G-spot, the areas are rejuvenated with amplified stimulation. Completely natural, the PRP is derived from the body's own blood. The "O-Shot" can produce greater arousal from cliroal stimulation, a stronger orgasm, and rejuvenated appearance of the vulva. The benefits of both the "O-Shot" will last up to 12 months. Once the benefits begin to wear off, the shot can safely be readministered to maintain pleasure.

Both the "G-Shot" and the "O-Shot" are not considered painful. A topical anesthetic and ice are generally all that are needed to ensure patient comfort. The injections can be performed in a surgeon's office, taking only a few minutes. Shots are normally well tolerated and patients do not experience any discomfort after the injections.

Preliminary research show positive results with both the "O-Shot" and the "G-Shot". Many women will find the treatment can enhance their sexual pleasure and ability to reach orgasm. However, not everyone will find benefit with these shots, and for those women who have never reached an orgasm, there may be no improvement at all.

The "O-Shot" and "G-Shot" in Santa Rosa and Novato:

If you are in Marin or Sonoma County, and are interested in improving sexual pleasure with the "O-Shot" or the "G-Shot", contact Dr. Francisco Canales at Plastic Surgery Associates to find out more. Consultations can be performed in-person, or online for those traveling from outside of the northern California area. Call our Santa Rosa office at (707) 537-2111 or our Novato office at (415) 895-5032 to speak with an experienced patient coordinator about female genital rejuvenation today.

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