Santa Rosa Breast Augmentation Surgeons Seeing More Mommy Makeover Cases

More women are turning to a Sonoma or Napa plastic surgeon to help them get the ‘full makeover’ that they want to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance. Mommy Makeovers can provide the extra help they need with minimal time away from raising their children or pursuing a career.

Santa Rosa, California (October 2009) – More women seeking a full makeover after childbirth are looking to cosmetic surgery as a comprehensive way to achieve a healthier, fitter appearance. Napa area plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Associates report that more women are taking advantage of “Mommy Makeovers,” combined surgeries designed to help busy moms regain their pre-pregnancy body without having to take a great deal of time away from careers and children. “As a mother myself, I understand that pregnancy alters the body in dramatic ways. For many women those changes can make it very difficult to feel confident and beautiful,” says Dr. Heather Furnas. “Most of these patients are coming to us because they’ve seen their breast and body shape change significantly after pregnancy, and they’ve found that diet and exercise just aren’t enough to get them back where they want to be.” The biggest draw behind combination Mommy Makeover procedures is the opportunity for women to have a ‘fresh start’ by eliminating the problem areas that develop after pregnancy. Santa Rosa breast augmentation and tummy tuck have been popular with moms for years, but Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales say that more women than ever are choosing to combine these enhancements with other procedures such as liposuction and breast lift to address multiple physical effects of pregnancy, all at the same time. “Frequently, patients will seek out these procedures for the positive psychological benefits that come with a restored appearance,” says Dr. Francisco Canales. “These procedures are so highly customized, that most of our patients not only look much like they did before having a baby – they also feel a change in their lifestyle and perspective.” Combined procedures that include Santa Rosa tummy tuck, liposuction and breast enhancement also tend to offer more comprehensive benefits than the standalone procedures. The additional surgeries allow for a more complete, visually balanced “makeover,” while at the same time allowing patients to avoid the extra anesthesia costs and recovery period that they would experience with separate surgeries. “For most moms, the time issue is extremely important because they know that, if they can get more complete results and be back on their feet sooner, it means they don’t have to worry about being away from their children or career demands for too long,” notes Dr. Furnas. “Probably for the same reasons, we’ve seen more women adding nonsurgical facial rejuvenation to a Mommy Makeover procedure.” To get rid of the “tired look” associated with the long hours and stress of raising children, Dr. Furnas typically recommends either BOTOX® Cosmetic or facial fillers. Since most of their Mommy Makeover patients are in their 30s and 40s, she and Dr. Canales typically do not find facelift necessary, but they say that for most women even these subtle additions to the “standard” procedure lineup can make a dramatic difference in patients’ self-confidence. “The biggest benefit of the Mommy Makeover isn’t that it helps women regain their physical shape – though it can certainly do that,” notes Dr. Canales. “For most patients, these procedures are so valuable and in such high demand because they help busy moms feel more confident and look as healthy and fit as they really are.” Find out more about the unique benefits of a Mommy Makeover when you request a consultation online or you can call Dr. Canales or Dr. Furnas at (707) 537-2111.

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