Five Common Vaginal Issues (and solutions!)

Although rarely discussed, many women are deeply embarrassed by the look of their genitalia. For some, the issue may even go beyond aesthetics, as their vaginal tissues may also cause physical pain. Our surgeons, Dr. Heather Furnas & Dr. Francisco Canales, specialize in treatments designed around these problems. Take a look at five of the most common female genital issues and the innovative surgery designed specifically to help.

Long, Asymmetrical Labia Minora

The labia minora lays directly inside of the labia majora, designed to protect the opening of the vagina and urethra. When the labia minora is elongated, it can be the source of friction and pain under clothing and during sexual intercourse. A misshapen or asymmetrical labia may be present at birth, the result of genetics, or appear as tissues lose elasticity and trauma from childbirth stretches the skin. The labiaplasty is a technique created to improve the appearance and the function of the labia minora. Performed with local or general anesthesia, Dr. Furnas will reshape the labia, excising two slight crescents of skin from the inner portion of each labium. If there is atrophy of the natural fatty tissue, a fat transfer can be used to add additional volume. Recovery from a labiaplasty takes about a week, and in six weeks, normal sexual activity can be resumed.

Elongated Vaginal “Lips”

The labia majora serves as protection for the female genitalia. Sometimes referred to as the vaginal ‘lips’, a long labia majora may look odd, causing embarrassment and a loss of self-confidence in intimate settings. Even more troubling is the discomfort and pain associated with an excessive labia majora, which can pinch under clothing and tug during sexual activity. The labia majoraplasty was designed specifically to tailor the ‘lips’ of the vagina, creating proportionate, symmetrical tissue that compliments the look of the genitalia. By excising the bulky tissue, Dr. Furnas can contour the labia majora for comfort and aesthetic appeal. The labia majoraplasty can be paired with any number of additional female genital procedures, achieving optimal results.

Reduced Sensations Due to Extensive Clitoral Hood

Excess tissue and folds of the clitoral hood can look unsightly, as well as impede stimulation during intercourse. This unwanted tissue can look unattractive, but even worse, cause discomfort during sex. A billowy clitoral hood can also create a large bulge under tight clothing such as yoga pants or swimwear. Under either a local anesthetic, or general anesthesia, a clitoral hood reduction is performed as an outpatient procedure. Depending on the individual patient’s anatomy, a “Y” shaped incision is often used, reducing the excess folds of the clitoral hood, thus creating a proportionate balance in the genital’s appearance. A clitoral hood reduction may accompany the labiaplasty, creating optimal aesthetic results.

Lax Vaginal Muscles That Don’t Hold a Tampon in Place

Vaginal childbirth, along with the normal aging process, can result in vaginal walls that lose their tight, youthful structure. When the vaginal muscles become lax, sexual satisfaction is decreased for both partners. Even more troubling, the muscles may no longer hold a tampon and, in some cases, may contribute to stress incontinence. The vaginoplasty was designed specifically to tighten the vagina. Non-invasive vaginal tightening, using radiofrequency waves or a laser can be effective at tightening vaginal walls, however those with significant laxity will require the surgical technique. Under general anesthesia, Dr. Furnas will excise the extra mucosa skin from the back side of the vagina, then tighten the separated muscles. The vaginoplasty recovery takes about two weeks, with patient satisfaction extremely high.

Bulging Tissue Seen Under Swimwear and Leggings

One area that commonly contributes to a noticeable ‘bulge’ under tight pants is a large mons. Genetics or trauma may cause the upper part of the hair-bearing area of the vulva, or mons, to be pillowy and large. A distended mons can result in such noticeable protrusion that women feel embarrassed wearing a bathing suit or tight leggings in public. The monsplasty is a surgical technique that specifically addresses the mons-area. Depending on the patient, the mons’ fatty tissue and/or skin will be excised and reshaped. For some women, liposuction can create the desired contour, while others will require more invasive surgery to excise the billowy tissue. Recovery from a monsplasty will take about a week, and if skin is removed, a drain may be required for the first several days. Dr. Heather Furnas specializes in restorative procedures designed to help women regain their self-confidence, physical comfort, and sexual satisfaction. Call Plastic Surgery Associates in Santa Rosa, at 707.537.2111, or Novato, at 415.895.5032, to find out more about the cutting-edge, female genital surgery techniques available today.

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