Why Women Want Labiaplasty

Front Office Staff | 10/11/2018

Since 2011, the number of women having labiaplasty has skyrocketed by over 500%.


What is my best option for female rejuvenation?

Front Office Staff | 04/19/2018

With so many female rejuvenation options available, we understand that choosing the right procedure can sound intimidating.


Five Common Vaginal Issues (and solutions!)

Front Office Staff | 02/10/2018

Take a look at five of the most common female genital issues and the innovative surgery designed specifically to help.


Who should perform breast augmentation?

Front Office Staff | 08/13/2017

Whether helping to develop new implants or developing new techniques, board-certified plastic surgeons are best equipped to give you proper advice.


What's new in the field of liposuction?

Front Office Staff | 08/02/2017

Liposuction has evolved greatly since it was first introduced to the field of plastic surgery about 35 years ago.


The 'O-Shot' and the 'G-Shot', Oh my!

Front Office Staff | 06/22/2017

There are two injections available from experienced plastic surgeons that promise to improve the G-spot's stimulation.


Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Front Office Staff | 01/08/2017

The most important step in successful breast augmentation is your choice of a plastic surgeon.


The simultaneous appeal and danger of everything "mini."

Front Office Staff | 12/12/2016

While a shorter incision and shorter operative times are good goals, they have to be measured against the results obtained from Mini Tummy Tuck


The Plastic Surgery Team

Front Office Staff | 09/22/2015

While the plastic surgeon is the one planning the operation and holding the scalpel, it takes a team for a major case to go smoothly and safely.


Why Scars Blush

Front Office Staff | 09/08/2015

Plastic surgeons create scars every time they do invasive surgery, though part of their art is to hide them in folds, the hair, and contour changes.


9 Features of a Safe Operating Room

Front Office Staff | 09/01/2015

Where you have your surgery is as important as who does your surgery.


Building a Face, Nurturing a Soul

Front Office Staff | 08/18/2015

In September, 2007, US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman lost much of his face to machine gun fire while in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province.


Mommy-Makeover Patient's Experience

Front Office Staff | 08/11/2015

Not a day goes by that I don’t catch myself feeling astonished and thrilled about the way I feel about my body.


9 Lessons from Botched!

Front Office Staff | 07/28/2015

Possible T.V. Star?  Interested in starring on a T.V. show? Sounds like fun…unless that show is Botched!.


Jimmy Fallon's Finger Rules

Front Office Staff | 07/21/2015

Though most rings are harmless, 150,000 ring avulsion injuries occur in the U.S. every year.


A Helicopter Crash and the Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Front Office Staff | 06/30/2015

Several years ago I volunteered for a medical mission in Central America, my first since becoming a mother.


Unhappy after Plastic Surgery?

Front Office Staff | 03/31/2015

Most patients are happy with what they see, but some experience emotional ups and downs, even shedding tears over their early results.


Fraud & the Vaccine Showdown

Front Office Staff | 03/11/2015

Before vaccines were available, children were like pawns on a chessboard, their lives too commonly crippled or taken away by childhood diseases.


Plastic Surgery: A Shame Game?

Front Office Staff | 02/25/2015

Some of plastic surgery's biggest fans are its critics.


Rejuvenating Sagging Breasts

Front Office Staff | 02/18/2015

It may come as no surprise that women with sagging breasts often want to be “perky," but it's not always for the reasons you might think.


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