Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty) to upper and lower eyelids on mid-50s patient

Procedure Details

This mid-50s woman saw us in our Santa Rosa office for possible eyelid rejuvenation. She stated that she looked tired whenever she saw a photo of herself. She was in excellent health and, other than the tired eyelids, she felt young at heart. On evaluation, she had a moderate amount of hooding of the upper eyelids and significant bulging of the lower eyelids. This fatty bulge, which most patients refer to as their "bags", gave her a tired appearance even when she was fully rested. At our Santa Rosa plastic surgical facility, she underwent a blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids. At the time, a significant amount of fat was removed from the lower lids. The upper lids were tightened by removing skin and a small strip of muscle. After surgery, she has a natural, rested appearance. Her friends comment that they are not sure what is different, but eventually, her friends realized she had her eyelids operated on. She is thrilled with the final result. Our Marin/Santa Rosa eyelid surgery patients usually take a week off from work. The procedure can be combined with other plastic surgery procedures like a facelift or breast augmentation. Many patients have traveled from out of state based on our website photos.


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