Women has Breast Revision in Novato, CA

Procedure Details

This young woman presented with bottoming out of both breasts (right more than left) after saline breast augmentation in San Francisco. She had an attempt at correction with a second breast revision operation in San Francisco, but the operation did not work. When we met her at our Marin Plastic Surgery office, she felt her breasts looked old and had no superior fullness as most of the implant volume was below the nipple. We reviewed her initial condition of tuberous breasts, the bottoming out of her implants, and we reviewed her goals and concerns. Using multiple internal sutures, the enlarged pocket was tightened and contoured. Using sizers, we determined the appropriate size and we switched her implants to silicone implants through the same areolar incision. She is absolutely thrilled with the new shape, new fullness, and the young appearance of her breasts. She is shown 6 weeks after surgery.


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