Woman in Marin County, CA undergoes a Breast Revision

Procedure Details

This 49 year-old woman from Northern California saw us in our Santa Rosa plastic surgery office for breast implant revision surgery. She had her previous implants in the East Bay 27 years ago. She complained of encapsulation (hardness) and also worried that the implants may be ruptured. At the time of surgery there was rupture of the left implant and bilateral capsules. The capsules were removed with the previous implants and new, cohesive silicone gel implants of similar size were placed. At the same time a donut mastopexy was done to improve the overall shape. She is thrilled with her new shape and her implants remain soft,, now nine months after surgery. Our revision breast augmentation patients some times have had unsuccessful breast augmentation surgery elsewhere. They come not only from Sonoma and Marin County, but from as far away as Florida, Southern California, and New York because they like the consistent improvement in our difficult breast revision results. For more information on secondary and revision breast augmentation in Santa Rosa, please click on this link https://www.enhanceyourimage.com/contact, or call us at 707-537-2111


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