Woman in Marin County, CA undergoes a Breast Revision

Procedure Details

This 26 year-old woman had saline implants 5 years ago in Los Angeles.. She had pectus excavatum and significant asymmetry. The initial implants placed were 250 cc on the right and 225 cc on the left, but she was still left with a size discrepancy and a narrowing of her outer breasts. She desired larger silicone implants. In our Santa Rosa plastic surgery office, she underwent replacement of her saline implants with new cohesive silicone gel implants. She had narrowing of the outer breasts, which required opening of the capsule and repositioning of the implants to a more natural shape. She had 400 cc on the left and 475 cc on the right. She is shown one month after breasy revision surgery in Santa Rosa, and she is thrilled with her new shape. She feels much more even in her clothes and she is ready for summer! Our revision breast augmentation patients some times have had unsuccessful breast augmentation surgery elsewhere. They come not only from Sonoma and Marin County, but from as far away as Florida, Southern California, and New York because they like the consistent improvement in our difficult breast revision results. For more information on secondary and revision breast augmentation in Santa Rosa, please click on this link https://www.enhanceyourimage.com/contact, or call us at 707-537-2111


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